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General Dentistry

The dental practice of William A. Cofer, DMD PA is here to provide comprehensive family dentistry. We have delivered desirable general dental care to our community for generations. The people of Greer, SC, always know where to turn for their dental concerns, whether for a standard teeth cleaning or a root canal.

Teeth Cleaning

Achieving optimal overall health directly correlates with one’s oral health. Routine professional cleanings and examinations are how we maintain and keep an eye on the quality of your oral health. Whether you don’t make keeping up with good dental habits a priority, or you brush and floss like it’s your job, everyone should make it a point to schedule a routine cleaning every 6 months or so.

Why are regular cleanings and checkups so important?

Because over time, layers of bacteria and hard deposits begin to build upon your teeth.

During your appointment, one of our expert dental hygienists will complete a thorough exam of your mouth and comfortably clean each tooth — leaving you with a smooth, shiny smile.

Root Canal Treatment

We’ve all heard of a root canal, but what is it? And, when is one needed? The truth is: a root canal isn’t the scary, terrible procedure that you may have been led to believe it is! Root canals have a reputation for being painful, because the condition being treated is painful — a root canal delivers the solution to help you feel better!

Needed when there are problems in the soft pulp (nerve) inside the tooth, the procedure is designed to provide relief from pain by removing any decay or infection.

Did you know a root canal is no more uncomfortable than a filling?

It’s true!

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy

You need your gums to protect your teeth! Periodontal problems become significantly worse as they develop and can seriously hinder your dental health. Gum disease doesn’t just affect your gums, but surrounding bone and tissues. Our team of dental experts is on the lookout for warning signs as we aim to correct concerns before the issue progresses.

What periodontal treatment options do you offer?

Our dentist will discuss any of the following options with you: Our dentist will discuss any of the following options with you:

  • Scaling & root planing
  • Plaque & tartar removal
  • Gum grafting
  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Periodontal laser treatment
  • Crown lengthening surgery
  • Dental implants 


As a pediatric dentist, we believe it’s essential to protect the teeth of our youngest patients! Sealants are how we protect the future of a child’s dental health. Children often get cavities on their back teeth — it’s where they chew, and as their teeth haven’t properly developed yet, bacteria begins to build. This also creates the perfect conditions for tooth decay to develop.

A salient is a mini-plastic filling placed on the back teeth. The procedure is completely painless, and numbing shots are usually unnecessary.

What should I tell my child about sealants?

The truth: it’ll help create strong adult teeth, and they won’t feel a thing!

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Are you experiencing consistent pain near your ear, jaw, and the muscles on the side of your face? Do you often notice a clicking or popping sound accompanied by restricted jaw movement? You may be suffering from TMD/TMJ. A variety of orthopedic factors contribute to this condition; including, inflammation, sore muscles, strained tendons and ligaments, and disc problems.

What does treatment entail?

Following your exam and diagnosis, we will establish a treatment path. A solution can be found in eating a softer diet, mouth muscle stretches, and anti-inflammatory medication in many cases. However, every circumstance is unique; depending on the severity of the issue, we might also consider orthodontics, dental restorations, or a minor corrective procedure.


Cavities are common! The majority of Americans will at least get one cavity before their 17th birthday. The good news is when we can correct a cavity with a simple, long-trusted treatment method: a filling.

What happens after discovery of a cavity?

Once we determine if you have a cavity, we will discuss the necessary next steps for the filling process. There are a range of material options available; you can go with a metal filling (amalgam or cast gold) or a tooth-colored filling (composite, porcelain, or glass Ionomer).

Emergency Dental Care

In the event of a dental emergency, we are here to provide the premium-standard of care you deserve. We can treat a variety of traumatic injuries (I.E. teeth that have been chipped or knocked out completely).

Call our office (864) 877-1891, and we will schedule you for an urgent appointment.

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